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American Kennel Club AKC Point Schedule 2020
ASSS Standard ASSA
ASSA Club Links CSSA Club Links
CSSA CSSA Standard
Canadian Kennel Club Japan Kennel Club
United Kennel Club  




~Superintendents - Events~

CRUFTS Dog Show Infodog
Jack Bradshaw D. S. Jack Onofrio Dog Shows
Jim Rau Dog Shows Show Dog World On line




AKC Obedience Rules AHBA
Camp Gone To The Dog's CGC Program
Clean Run  "Dog Agility" NADAC
Hearding on the Web Obedience Home Page




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Animal Genetics Eye CERF
Genetic Diseases in Shelties More on Sheltie DM
Vet Gen Vet Gen Genetic Services
Vwd in Shelties  




~ Sheltie Rescue ~ 

ASSA Sheltie Rescue Finding your lost pet
Home Vet Medical Center Information to help you find your pet
Sheltie Rescue Listed By State  




~Informational Sites~

Bob Miller/Barlo – Pedigrees Color Headed White Info.
Debarking - Myths and Facts Educational Dog Events
Sue Ann Bowling's Website The Dog Patch




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Alpine Publications Catalogs on line
Dogwise Sheltie Annual
Sheltie Pacesetter  




~Sheltie Artwork & Jewerly~

Pam Pool's Prints Shamrock Art Work
Virginia Perry Gardiner Collection  



~ Spinning ~ 

About Spinning Wheels Handweavers Guild of America
The Joy of Handspinning Webs Americas yarn store




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Dog Owners Guide Keynote Specialties Calendar
Pegasus Sheltie Needlework Sheltie Club Links
Sheltie Color Chart Sheltie Size Chart




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Dog Friendly Motels Google Maps

Travel Web





~Puppy Care~ 

Crate Training Dental Care 
Ear Glue Grooming your new puppy
Puppy Food 2000 Dog Names




~Those Darn Puppy Ears~

Dee Silverstein's Ear Tip Guide
Echowyn's Puppy Ears Page
Ear Taping
Bracing your Sheltie Ears
Tear Mender (ear glue)




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Twin Cedar's Health Care Links




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